About me

I am an artist, designer and front end developer.

I was born in Italy but grew up in Tel Aviv. I moved to London 7 years ago to do my MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. I graduated in 2013, it was amazing (if you are intrested in my art practice, this is my website).

I then fell in love with web design and code and life lead me to Founders & Coders which, is by far the best educational model and community I have ever been part of - a 16 weeks, free 'full stack' coding bootcamp, full of amazing people, activists, dreamers and makers. I completed Founders & Coders in August 2016 and stayed active in the community since then.

While I’m good on the front end side (and I love it!), I consider myself a designer. I am obsessed with all those little details that makes a digital experience absolutely awesome. I am fluent with various design tools such as Sketch, the Adobe suit and prototyping tools like Figma and inVision. I write HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. I enjoy the entire process of design, from the initial idea to the meticulous composition of beautiful user interfaces. I am interested in people — what they love and value.

I am a UI and UX designer who also understand code and is not afraid to interact with all the various parts of a project. I value learning and trying over predicting. I love learning about different approaches to user centred design, Agile methodologies and team dynamics.

I am always looking for great collaborations and being part of creative communities. Reach out! I'm always up for a chat.